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Our technologies

We have developed technologies that make our product stand out of the crowd of our competitors' products.

MG Soft ExcelLink

No trader or risk manager can do without Microsoft Excel. Many use it to perform specific calculations, other store prices, percent rates and other data in it. A lot of software products can export data to Excel.

PLaNETa is an Excel-friendly application, thanks to the ExcelLink technology we have developed. PLaNETa can connect to Excel and gets notified whenever data in Excel changes. This allows, for example, to react to changes in real-time market data and recalculate positions and profit / loss.

We are keeping developing our ExcelLink technology, and soon it will allow users to use Excel worksheets and macro functions to customize calculations they wish in PLaNETa. For example, they will be able to use their own options calculations functions, if those included in PLaNETa by default do not suit their requirements for some reasons.

MG Soft Financial Calculations

MG Soft Financial Calculations is a programming library containing functions designed to calculate values and other characteristics for the most portfolios, containing all kinds of trades.

We have developed a flow-based calculation engine. When calculating the portfolio value, the portfolio is disaggregated into primitive financial components (cash and asset flows and options), which are then valued individually. Thanks to this approach, introducing new kinds of instruments (such as exotic options) and new types of trades and products (for example, complex structured products) will require minimal programming efforts.

MG Soft MonteCarlo

While implementing the Value-at-Risk calculation using Monte Carlo simulation, we developed a Monte Carlo framework, which greatly simplifies the programming of all kinds of solutions requiring Monte Carlo simulation. MG Soft Monte Carlo includes programming routines for generating normally distributed values, performing the simulation itself, calculating miscellaneous statistical values and plotting distribution graphs and histograms.
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