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PLaNETa is our main product. If you perform trading and other operations in the financial markets, and need a front-office software system to book-keep trades and operations, calculate positions and profit / loss, manage your risks, PLaNETa is exactly what you need.

PLaNETa has a lot of advantages over similar software products. It has a wide array of features that will enable you to accomplish most of your tasks. These features can be arranged into the following categories.
  • Working with data — trades entry, saving, modifying and viewing market and other types of data.
  • Support of a wide array of instruments and products.
  • Analytical features — calculation of sizes and values of positions, profit / loss, portfolio sensitivities, graphical analysis of portfolios, etc.
  • Risk analysis — calculation of VaR (Value-at-Risk), margin requirements and other values.
  • Functions for the system administrator.

You can have a look at the system specification here.

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