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Working with data

PLaNETa allows saving, editing and viewing all the data necessary for the functioning of any front-office system — trades, market data, information on assets (stocks, bonds, currencies), counterparties, clients, books, and other data.

  • Viewing and editing basic data — information on traders, assets (stocks, bonds, currencies), books, counterparties, clients, and other objects.
  • PLaNETa supports entry of trades of different types, on all types of base assets (equities, bonds, FX).
    • Spot and forward trades.
    • Vanilla options.
    • Exchange-traded options and futures traded on FORTS (Futures and Options on RTS).
    • Exotic options (Asian, barrier, lookback).
    • Structured products.
  • PLaNETa allows saving, editing and viewing all kinds of market data.
    • Asset prices.
    • FX rates.
    • Interest rates and yield curves. The user has the choice between using single interest rates or creating yield curves to account for the interest rates term structure.
    • Volatilities and volatility surfaces. As with yield curves, the user can choose to either use single volatilities, or volatility surfaces.
    • PLaNETa can establish dynamic connection with Microsoft Excel, get the latest market data from Excel workbooks and recalculate positions, profit / loss and other values when prices change in Excel.


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