MG Soft

Company history

MG Soft, Ltd. was founded in 2005. The company is based in Moscow, Russia.

Our team consists of young, talented and ambitious professionals in the field of finance, investments, mathematics and software development (including PhDs).

Alfa-Bank, Russia's largest private bank, was our first client. In 2005 PLaNETa was installed in the market risks department of the bank to support calculation of the margin requirements on clients' derivatives positions using a SPAN-like sophisticated simulation technique.

In the following years, we kept improving PLaNETa and started developing new products and projects.

  • In 2006 we released a powerful and versatile version of PLaNETa supporting miscellaneous types of trades and containing rich analytical features (Value-at-Risk, scenarios analysis, etc.).
  • In 2007 we implemented the support of Russian exchange-traded futures and options traded on FORTS (Futures and Options on RTS) in PLaNETa.
  • In 2008 we implemented support of exotic options and structured products in PLaNETa.
  • In 2009 we developed MG Soft Exotic Options Calculator, launched (a website containing a database of Russian structured products) and started developing a new innovative web application (coming soon).

We see our mission to provide banks, investment companies and private investors with high-quality and competitive software products to support their activity in the financial markets.

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