MG Soft

Outsourcing services

MG Soft provides software outsourcing services for the financial sector, for both onshore and worldwide clients.

We are able to develop custom software systems (both Windows and web based) of the highest quality, with a particular specialization in the following fields.

  • Trading and front-office systems.
  • Derivatives and structured products.
  • Risk management and analysis.
  • Complex and advanced web sites (based on ASP.NET — a good example is our own project

Our expertise comes from the development of PLaNETa (a standalone front-office and risk management system) and other products, as well as carrying out other projects for the financial sector.

Outsourcing in Russia also means lower cost of development (compared to that in the US and Europe).

Communication between MG Soft and our clients can be carried out in both English and French (since we have both English and French-speaking staff).

Should you require any additional information on our outsourcing services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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