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In September 2009 we launched, a website devoted to structured products in Russia.

The website contains a database of structured products offered on the Russian market, as well as miscellaneous resources on the subject. has the following main goals.

  • Be the central web resource for structured products in Russia and supply both investors and issuers with the latest information on this market segment.
  • Provide consulting services for investors: analyze and price structured products and help choose those of them that suit the client's risk / reward ratio and other requirements.
  • Provide consulting services for product issuers: help launch the structured products business on the Russian market (by developing products, selecting wrappers, providing tax and legal advice, etc.).

In the near future we are planning the following improvements on the site.

  • Adding web calculators and other online services for pricing and analyzing structured products.
  • Launching an English version of the site.
  • Adding educational and other resources on structured products on the site.

The launch of means that MG Soft extends its business (until 2009 limited to software deveopment only) and enters the financial consulting business in one of the most complex market segments of structured products.

If you are interested in obtaining information on the Russian structured products market in English, please contact us.

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